Our Portfolio

Jake Vision has decades of experience in advertising products. As one of the pioneers of culinary TV programs in Poland (we created the legendary “Pascal: Just cook”), which helped many companies and sponsors to reach viewers.

We assisted in product placement in programs that we produced for many stations (including the award-winning placement of “Berlinki” sausages in the “Must be the Music” show) and prepared dedicated programs for them.

  • „Culinary world according to Knorr” (with Pascalem Brodnickim)
  • „Mysterious ingredient” (with Joanną Koroniewską)
  • „Taste Advisor&quot” (series with Michel Moran, Robert Sowa, Andrzej Polan)

Our existing clients and partners include such brands: as Prymat, Knorr, Rama, Electrolux, Silit, Ambition, Kitchen Aid, Łaciate, Animex, Tymbark, Plush, Modivo or eobuwie.

And maybe a few simple facts for the right perspective, not that we’re bragging, but… Okay, we'rebragging a little. Because it is what. For example:

  • We can create the most popular TV programs. Several titles produced by Jake Vision, which were the viewership leader in the commercial group – “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, “Top Chef”, “Secret professional” and “Love Island”
  • We know how to quickly shoot and prepare for broadcast complex productions that viewers want to watch. And come back to them every season. Produced by Jake Vision “Love Island The Island of Love”.(2 consecutive seasons in 2022), shot, edited and prepared for broadcast on an ongoing basis in Spain, and broadcast by Polsat six evenings a week, is usually a leader in the commercial group. Stubbornly.
  • We know how to produce so that the viewer will like to watch, and the station could place advertisements at the same time. According to a Virtual Media report, advertising revenues for the fourth season of “Love Island. Island of Love “for Polsat amounted to 86.01 million.
  • We are not afraid. Just. If you are looking for a brave team that will face challenges, we (producers of “Naked Attraction”, “Prince Charming”, but also “Ninja Warrior Polska”). If you are looking for a brave team that will face premium quality, we are here (the series “Motive”, “Secret professional”, “The Office.pl”). If you are looking for new creators of your ads, we are here.